Barkan Method Hot Yoga


Amanda White

Amanda credits her love for yoga and spiritual ways of living as a monumental and transformational point in changing her life. Replacing unhealthy habits with yoga helped her connect to the love for herself and others. In 2009 she gained her yoga foundation based on alignment and sequencing from Yoga South’s 200 Hour Teacher Training in Boca Raton, Florida. She continues to gain knowledge and inspiration from teachers all over the world. She understands that in order to be a teacher she must be a devotional and disciplined student as well.

Amanda teaches a physical and challenging practice that connects the body to the breath, mind, and spirit. She encourages her students to get quiet enough so they may go inward to examine their own thoughts. She believes each of our individual worlds is created by every one of our thoughts. If we can change and improve our thoughts to more loving, forgiving, and nurturing thoughts than our body and mind will reap the benefits. Amanda incorporates her spiritual experience into each session by challenging her student’s habits on the mat, which then reflect to the lives they live off the mat.

She challenges each of her students both physically and mentally while demonstrating love, patience, and encouragement.

Brooke Diaz

I began my yoga journey with a self-taught practice at the age of 14. As I grew older and went off to college, I discovered hot yoga and instantly fell in love with every aspect of it. In 2012 I completed my first teacher training with Jimmy Barkan at the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. I received my 200- hour RYT certificate and began teaching immediately throughout the state of Florida to a wide range of students. In the summer of 2014, I completed a Vinyasa training in Santorini, Greece with Shiva Rea, a world famous yoga teacher. Since then I have been teaching internationally and traveling to the Barkan studios in Europe and Australia. I currently teach at both the Boca and Fort Lauderdale studios.

Jules Lindsay

Jules Lindsay began practicing yoga in 2000 when she was finishing her BA in clinical psychology. She discovered the profound healing power of yoga as it helped her get through medical issues she was told she could not overcome. Her gratitude for yoga led her to teach and share what she had found. A strong believer in tailoring the practice to the individual, Jules encourages each person to listen to the body and become his/her own teacher. Her teaching career began at the Yoga College of India in Boca Raton and continued on to various studios where she taught Bikram Yoga from 2002 to 2004.

As she recognized the importance of variation and modification, Jules became (200hrs.-RYT) certified in 2005 through Yoga Alliance training with Jimmy Barkan in Hot Yoga where she found a connection with Phillip Christodoulou and inspiration from the Anuttara Yoga method. She completed training for Hot Vinyasa levels I, II and III (500+hrs-RYT) and went on to teach at Yoga Connection, Ft. Lauderdale Yoga College of India, Hot Yoga of Coral Springs, Hot Yoga of Delray and Anuttara Yoga Shala, Yoga Aura, American yoga, Barkan Method of Boca and Awaken Hot Yoga.

Her teaching is inspired by Bikram, Barkan Method, Anuttara, Hot Fusion, Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Power and Yin Yoga. Jules has continued to train in workshops and intensives including her (500hrs.-RYT) training with her mentors, Judy and James, at Yoga South, which has given her a deep insight into the anatomical and physical assisting aspects of the practice. She is also certified in the Second Degree Reiki method of natural healing through Revs. Robin Garfield and Randy Hamlin.

Jules has led Yoga retreats at Pura Vida in Costa Rica, where she will be hosting more on a yearly basis. She is also working on her LMHC at FAU in hopes of incorporating Yoga and counseling into her healing approach. Jules’ upbeat, compassionate attitude and energy help students on all levels connect with their practice and bring the peace, clarity, and intentions achieved on their mats out into their daily lives.

She welcomes all to join her and offers a simple precept:
“Honor your level with full acceptance, humility and gratitude, go within, and free your mind, body and spirit on your own yoga journey”. And don’t forget about her happiest mentor, her faithful sidekick, Buddha. #KissesToBuddha
~ Buddha Yoga; All Paths Lead to Love.

LIsa Steiner

Lisa Rome-Steiner began practicing yoga for over fifteen years. She completed Jimmy‘s Level I, II-III hot yoga and vinyasa trainings. As a long time runner she lacked flexibility and needed motion; yoga was her savior. Her regular yoga practice resulted in not only a physical but mental shift as well. Lisa is grateful to share her passion with others so they can witness the multiple benefits of yoga on and off the mat.

Stefanie Gross

Loves yoga!

Cristal Gould

As a young athlete, I was constantly in competition with myself and/ or another. On the mat initially, I challenged myself physically but found the real growth happening when learning to find the balance to surrender. Already living a pretty mindful lifestyle, the asana was the link to experiencing that sensation of connecting the body, mind and spirit- and I wanted more! Deepening my practice and knowledge, I completed Level 1, 2 and 3 training with Jimmy Barkan within the same year. I now encourage students to use the time on the mat to give back to themselves as a whole: challenging the body to advance, but also nurturing the body; maybe challenging the ego. I believe the physical practice is a tool to see your true self- and the reward is enjoying that same self off the mat. My classes are fun, dynamic, playful and mindful. I love to explore, try new things on and off the mat. Traveling is one of those enticing things. While visiting other places, I hosts workshops, play shops and Glow Yoga events. At home in South Florida, I teach throughout the community and hold scheduled classes at both Barkan Method studios.