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Join Jessica Gardner and me for our first 26/2 Teacher Training Program!! This training will take place over 7 weekends in a six month period!

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September 14,15,16 …October 19,20,21 …November 16,17,18 …December 7,8,9 …Jan 4,5,6 …Jan 25,6,27 … Feb 1,2,3

Learn from Jimmy Barkan and his 35+ years of yoga experience. Jimmy Barkan is a Master Yoga Teacher certified by Ghosh’s College of India, Calcutta, India in 1981. One of the pioneers of Hot Yoga in the United States, Jimmy practiced daily under the guidance of Bikram Choudhury as his most Senior Teacher, an accomplishment very few have since obtained. Since 1986, Jimmy has certified over 1500 Bikram and Barkan Method Teachers. Jimmy’s experience in teaching for over 37 years, along with his experience as a performer on stage, helps him direct trainees to become better communicators and yoga teachers. Teachers will have a sense of confidence and accomplishment upon completing his training and Jimmy’s unique background creates an experience you will not find elsewhere.

Learn alignment, anatomy, modifications, 60, 75, 90minute sequences and how to connect with your individuality and teaching style in the room.