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3 Pillars of Health: Mind, Body, Spirit
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Dear Yogis,

Do you spend most of your time living outside of your body and primarily in your mind?

This is a very common experience for those of us living in a culture which encourages independence, competition, self-sufficiency and success. There is nothing wrong with pursuing these goals. However, most of us lose our connection to our bodies and ourselves as we rely more and more on our analytical thinking skills to get us ahead. What’s the end result? A serious disconnection between our mind and body.

Our bodies have a lot to tell us about who we are, how we’re doing in life, and the health of our relationships.  I’ve come to believe that this information is a crucial aspect toward quality of life. We can divorce ourselves from our felt experience, or turn toward ourselves and respect that which is being presented to us.  Life can shift from black & white to all shades of gray!  We can shift from living as though our bodies and minds are two separate entities into a broader and more holistic understanding of who we are, and more importantly, who we can be.

Imagine The Possibilities, Improve Relationships & Self-Confidence

Often when we hear the word ‘yoga’ being used, we may sense that anything ‘yoga’ is purely physical. Sure, the physical postures are one path toward healing. However, as we get into our bodies, and create an awareness of what’s happening with us internally, something else begins to takes place. As this process begins, it’s quite normal to find yourself emotional during or after a yoga class. In essence, you are beginning to release toxins held in your muscles and cells, as well as energy that’s become stuck. For example, sometimes our emotional traumas can manifest physically in our bodies as energy that is holding us back – when we locate, accept, and heal these areas, life opens up in a way the mind could not ever predict. Yoga Therapy is the perfect approach to investigating emotions that occur during and after class.

Yoga-Assisted Therapy is appropriate for those who have never taken a yoga class and are interested in exploring mind and body work. Those who do practice yoga will find a safe and personalized space to explore particular postures that are connected to thoughts, emotions and feelings, something that is not offered during a group class. Meditation exercises and techniques can be integrated into these sessions as well. Doing physical yoga postures is great, pursuing ‘talk’ therapy is even better, but imagine the consequences of experiencing a connection between the two!

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