Ahimsa (Non-Violence), is the first Yama in Patanjali’s Eight Limb Path signifying it’s importance. We are all taught as children to be kind to one another, don’t hit or harm anyone. But it also means not harming ourselves! Since we live in a performance oriented society we tend to put pressure on ourselves to fit in, even in our Yoga practice. But in Yoga no two people will ever practice the same. Our anatomical differences keep us unique! If you are not happy with the progress of a pose and make a negative judgement about that pose then you are not practicing Ahimsa! The power of the mind is so great the negative judgment actually ripples into your physiology and makes it worse!

The Solution: First understand the dynamics; do less in the beginning, more at the end.  Increase your effort and intention toward the end of the pose when the body fatigues it will give way to a greater range of motion.

That being stated: Find your starting point in every pose WITHOUT JUDGEMENT! Then find the next inch!! That’s it! Then your body and especially your mind will respond to this tangible goal!

That’s how I was able to get from here:

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