Tuladandasana or Balancing Staff Pose!

The Danda translates to the Staff which represents the spine or the Tree of Life!
When the disciple is initiated by the Guru he’s given the Danda to symbolize his new Yogic Journey or Sadhana in Sanskrit.

ૐ At the back of the mat in standing position

ૐ Raise the arms overhead, interlace all the fingers including the thumb, release the index fingers, and squeeze the palms flat

ૐ Squeeze the biceps to the ears as the shoulders pull back and down to open the chest and

elongate the spine

ૐ Step the right foot forward three feet

ૐ Point the toes of the left foot before it leaves the floor

ૐ Bring the upper body down and the left leg let up until the entire body is in one straight line parallel to the floor

ૐ Look through the arms not over them. The gaze is approximately at the top of the mat. While

looking down, if the arms are visible lift them up

ૐ Think of extending the chest forward to the front mirror and flattening your upper body.

ૐ Keep the shoulders and hips parallel to the floor. The right hip might need to drop down so that it is parallel to the left hip

ૐ Keep squeezing your palms together to better open the shoulders and deltoids. Keep the

standing leg straight and the thigh muscle tight, supporting the knee

ૐ Vehemently pointing the toes of the left leg and squeezing the palms together, reaching and kicking in opposite directions

ૐ Release step to the back of the mat and repeat for the left side