Standing Bow (Dhanurasana)…This is a unique Pose from our Lineage (Hot Yoga)!

Beginners: This is one of the most advanced postures in the basic class so be patient! The good news is that there is a correct position for all levels. Make sure you’re holding your foot properly; palm out, thumb back, elbow in. As you lower your upper body down kick your leg back. However, don’t kick back too much (This is different information from The Bikram Yoga World), or you won’t be able to lower down, because the Hamstring of your standing leg won’t let you! Assuming we’re doing the right side, create space between your right arm and the right side of your body. Many beginners seem to “hold onto themselves” pressing the right arm to their side. Instead, extend your right arm and shoulder up and back. Turn your right shoulder back behind your head, and your right knee behind your body so you won’t be able to see either one in the front mirror. Keep your left arm strong and fully extended toward the front mirror; wrist straight and palm flat. Your chin should be right above your shoulder, but not touching. See you on the Mat!