Barkan Method Yoga Posture of the Week:

Side Half Moon (Pars Ardha Chandrasana)

Not all style of Hatha Yoga name the poses the same BTW!!

  • Bring your arms overhead, palms together, interlace fingers, release the index finger and straighten the arms by the ears.
  • Alternative hand position; hold your left wrist with your right hand and straighten both arms up toward the ceiling, extending your left side over toward the right wall. Left palm facing the mirror.
  • Your hips move toward the left side but stay square to the front wall or mirror to create an opposite dynamic.
  • Lift your chest out toward the front as you move your arms back, creating another opposite dynamic. The main focus for beginners is to keep the shoulders square to the front and the chin up so the throat is visible in the front mirror.
  • Maintain a foundation by keeping the inner thighs lifting toward each other and the buttocks tight. Don’t think of dropping into the right side but rather lift and extend the left side. Push your left heel into the floor creating leverage. Hold for 25-30 counts in the first set. Repeat with the same directions for the left side.