Yoga Concepts:

Set Your Intention!

If you are practicing yoga postures (asanas) on a consistent (3-6 days a week) basis you may have a tendency to get complacent. Setting your intention before and during your practice can be a very powerful tool in keeping you present and in the moment. It’s a conscious way of integrating the mental (Raja) aspects of yoga with the physical (Hatha). Here are a few suggestions to help you make your intentions personal.

  1. Physically: “Today I will focus on Strength, forming a foundation for my body and for my life.”
  2. Mentally: Today I will be mentally Flexible, letting go of fear, scarcity, doubt, and experience freedom.
  3. Spiritually: Today I will focus my attention Inward, and be super-conscious of the awakening of my life force energy (Prana).

Next time you step onto your yoga mat, stay present and keep it fresh by setting your intention.
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