Please Help us Celebrate our Barkan Student of the Month:

Gustavo Pineiro:


I started doing yoga over 15 years ago as a stress reliever from the daily morass of work and life. Realizing the health benefits, including flexibility, strength, stamina and of course great skin, I loved it from the start.

I believe for even the average practitioner that there comes a certain point that the postures transform from being a set of simple exercises and postures to meditation in motion. For me that occurred shortly after battling cancer twice. Cancer in many ways has been one of the biggest blessings that happened to me. Thank God I am cancer free now. It forced me to look at my lifestyle which included my diet, my exercise, my spirituality and of course my connection to the Divine. For who else, besides the Divine, do you turn to when you know that your life is on the line???
Yoga helped me gain that connection that I so desired not only with the Divine but also the mind body connection. Only recently am I starting to understand why yogis devote and have devoted their whole lives to this practice. Blessings.

I am honored to be considered practitioner of the month this means so much to be …Gustavo