1. Yoga Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale

    At the Barkan Method in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale: Boca Location    Ft. Lauderdale Location Yoga Concepts: Set Your Intention! If you are practicing yoga postures (asanas) on a consistent (3-6 days a week) basis you may have a tendency to get complacent. Setting your intention before and during your practice can be a very powerful tool in keeping you present and in the moment. It’s a c…Read More

  2. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Yoga can so many things to people. If you mention the word Yoga in India people may think one is meditating. If you say you are going to a Yoga class in the west people may assume you are going to a yoga posture or asana class. Meditation is considered the highest form or technique in Yoga and asana, just means to help the practitioner achieve a better Meditation seat. However in Hatha Yoga we use…Read More

  3. Yoga Boca Raton

    Jimmy Barkan opened one of the first Yoga studios in the country right here in South Florida. Fort Lauderdale to be specific back in 1983! He has continued to be a leader not just in the South Florida community but all over the world. In 2002 Barkan spilt from Bikram Yoga, Jimmy Barkan was Bikram Yoga's most senior teacher. Jimmy opened his 2nd school in Plantation, Florida in 2005 and in 2012 ope…Read More

  4. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Posture of the week: Balancing Staff Warrior 3 Tuladandasana – Virabhadrasana 3 Beginners Balance is all about strength. Start by strengthening your standing leg. The standing leg is the foundation for the pose; it must be straight. However, do not hyperextend the knee, instead lift the thigh muscles and keep your weight toward the big toe mound. Next, pick out a spot on the floor at least eight…Read More

  5. Yoga Boca Raton

    Standing Head to Knee (A Unique Posture in Hot Yoga) Beginners The key or what I call the “primary thought” for the beginner is the standing leg. I like to use the term straighten your leg instead of lock the knee. To lock the knee may imply hyper-extension. Hyper-extension could cause injury to the knee. Lift the thighs (quadriceps muscles) and keep your weight forward toward the big toe moun…Read More

  6. Hot Yoga Teacher Training

    Join Jimmy Barkan and his senior staff for the last Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training of 2017! The Level II/III advanced Training will cover the famous FIVE VINYASAS in the Barkan Method Sequence as well as advanced postures from our lineage in Calcutta, India!! Location: Yoga Flex in Commack, NY. on Long Island!! Click for details     Apply Now!  …Read More

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    Yoga began to gain popularity in the United States around the year 2000. Madonna announced she was giving up weights for Yoga, Rodney Yee, very popular Yoga Teacher, made an appearance on Oprah and Christie Turlington, super model, was featured on the cover of Time magazine. Jimmy Barkan was way ahead of the this trend starting his Yoga career in 1980! Barkan arrived in South Florida in 1982 and o…Read More

  8. Yoga Boca Raton

    Jimmy Barkan, founder of The Barkan Method is considered the Godfather of Yoga in South Florida! He opened his first school back in 1983 when Yoga not very popular! His personality, charisma and teaching style became a major influence not only in South Florida but all across the world! Jimmy opened The Barkan Method Boca Raton branch in 2012: Boca Location  Offering Yoga classes 7 days a week 36…Read More

  9. Hot Yoga Teacher Training

    Join Jimmy Barkan and his senior staff for an amazing journey into the world of Hot Yoga and Become a Hot Yoga Teacher!! We offer 200 hour Level I Certificates as well as 300 Hour Level II/III Certificates throughout the year all over the world!! Apply Now! Teaching yoga teachers is something we can not take for granted. It is a responsibility that can not be taken lightly. There are too many teac…Read More

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    Yoga is fairly new to the western world. The first Yogi to arrive from India to The United States arrived in 1893. Yoga has been around for over six thousand years. Hatha Yoga, which is more physical is the style of Yoga that Americans took to. It's much easier to measure physical changes such as strength and flexibility than meditation advances. Ft. Lauderdale Location Jimmy Barkan is considered…Read More