1. Yoga Boca Raton

    Yoga is fairly new to the western world. The first Yogi to arrive from India to The United States arrived in 1893. Yoga has been around for over six thousand years. Hatha Yoga, which is more physical is the style of Yoga that Americans took to. It;s much easier to measure physical changes such strength and flexibility than meditation advances. About Jimmy Barkan Jimmy Barkan  is considered to be …Read More

  2. Yoga Teacher Training in Long Island

    We've just added a Barkan Method Level II/III Advanced Yoga Teacher Training to our 2017 schedule! Apply Now! Jimmy Barkan has been certifying Yoga Teachers since 1986.  Jimmy’s interactive approach of teaching goes beyond motivational; with compassion and understanding, Jimmy connects with each of his students on a personal level and offers a unique platform to explore their inherent skills an…Read More

  3. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Let us help you find your center and get your life back to normal! Jimmy Barkan has been teaching Yoga in South Florida since 1982, a true pioneer! We are back to our full schedule and here to help you!! FT. Laud Schedule Ft. Lauderdale Location Jimmy Barkan: With a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, (Dramatic Literature), from New York University, Barkan uses his education as a foundation for helpin…Read More

  4. Yoga Boca Raton

    We are to help you find your center and get your life back to normal! One thing the Yoga's aspiring to achieve is to not be at the effects of the outside world. To find your peace of mind from within. Jimmy Barkan has been teaching Yoga in South Florida since 1982 ...let us help you find your way back!! Boca Schedule Jimmy Barkan is a master yoga teacher certified by Ghosh’s College of India, C…Read More

  5. Yoga Teacher Training Fort Lauderdale

    We still have a few spots left for The Barkan Method Level II/III Teacher Training: October 8th-14th! Click for details Apply Now! Teaching yoga teachers is something we can not take for granted. It is a responsibility that can not be taken lightly. There are too many teacher trainings programs out today lead by instructors with limited experience. This is what sets The Barkan Method apart. Jimmy …Read More

  6. Yoga Boca Raton

    Now that Hurricane Irma has past it's time to get our lives back to center...We are here to help you do just that!! Jimmy Barkan has been serving the community by teaching and guiding people through yoga for over 34 years!! Sometimes we make the posture our main focus. That can be useful in measuring results but the real magic behind our yoga practice is how it can help us become  better human be…Read More

  7. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    It took eight days but we finally have power restored at our Barkan Method Fort Lauderdale location! Back to our full schedule: FT. Laud Schedule It's amazing how we can easily take things for granted in todays world! We send our prayers to all those in Florida and Texas who are still without power and especially to those who have lost so much more! Let us help you de-stress and get your lives ba…Read More

  8. 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Boca Raton

    Jimmy Barkan’s Barkan Method Level I Training was the first to be established in South Florida and is considered the top-rated training in this area and beyond.  In fact, there are thousands of students and studio owners around the country and world that got their start with The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Apply Now! 7 weekends over 6 months at our Boca Raton Location: Click for details Teachin…Read More

  9. What’s the difference between Barkan and Bikram Yoga

    Hot Yoga comes from the eastern part of India, the state of Bengal, specifically the city of Calcutta, where it is 110 degrees in the summer with 100 per cent humidity. Bishnu Ghosh, founder of Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in Calcutta, India and younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, was the man primarily responsible for developing this style of Hatha Yoga. Ghosh’s student, Bikram …Read More

  10. Yoga Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale The Barkan Method

    Jimmy Barkan first came to South Florida in 1983 and opened one of the first yoga schools in the area.  This was the very first Hot Yoga studio to open in Fort Lauderdale which was very controversial! Turn on the heat in South Florida in the summer?? It took a while for the general public to understand the value of turning up the heat to assist the body to become more pliable. But within a few ye…Read More