1. Robert Mann Bio

    Rob began to believe in the idea of one, one universal consciousness, one world in High School that philosophy eventually led him to the idea of balance and finding balance in your life. When he discovered asana and Pantanjali’s Eight Limb path after his collegiate days, life finally made sense. As a yoga instructor and a high school teacher, he preaches awareness of how your actions and words c…Read More

  2. Christine Lewis Bio

    Yoga has uniquely influenced and inspired my life over the last six years by fostering the elevation of my own consciousness while strengthening my sense of Self and my physical body. As in life, balance in our yoga practice is much more about mental focus and awareness of the present moment than it is about physically muscling our way through the pose or the circumstance presented to us. Although…Read More

  3. Wendy Langstroth Bio

    Originally a certified school teacher, Wendy has brought her love of teaching to yoga. Having attended Jimmy Barkan’s classes since 2001,she became certified in both The Barkan Method Hot Yoga in 2004 and Hot Vinyasa Level II & III in 2006.Because of her education background Wendy’s teach method utilizes concise information to relay the alignment, benefits and joy of yoga to her students…Read More

  4. Melanie Camp Bio

    In 2003 Melanie became a certified Yoga Instructor and completed Level II and Level III teacher training of the Barkan Method. She is an associate trainer for Yoga Kids International completing Phase I in Italy in August 2004 and teaching at Fisher Island Day School and Yoga Connection as well as Yoga Center of Coral Springs.Melanie is currently writing a book of yoga tips featuring her original o…Read More

  5. Lisa Goodwin Bio

    Lisa Goodwin is an ERYT500 yoga trainer, inspirational speaker and life coach. She blends both yoga and life coaching into her worldwide workshops and retreats, creating a unique experience for her students. As the Barkan Method's most senior teacher, Lisa Goodwin has helped certify over 600 yoga teachers. Lisa Goodwin has been certified in many different styles of yoga as well as Motivational Coa…Read More

  6. Emily Lundy Bio

    Emily Lundy - After practicing yoga for several years, I became certified in The Barkan Method Hot Yoga Level I and Level II Hot Vinyasa Flow and am registered with the Yoga Alliance. As a licensed massage therapist, I infuse my knowledge of anatomy into the instruction of every yoga pose so that each student develops the proper alignment to build a strong foundation for their yoga practice. My in…Read More

  7. Studio – Membership and Class Rates

    Studio - Membership and Class Rates Barkan Method StudioRatesSingle Session$1810 Sessions (Valid for 1 month)$150.0030 Sessions (Valid for 3 months)$390.0075 Sessions (Valid for 6 months)$750.00MONTHLY UNLIMITED OPTIONSOne Month Unlimited$180.00/mo Auto-Pay (3 month minimum)$120.00/moAuto-Pay (12 month minimum)$99.00/moPrivate ClassWith a Barkan Method Teacher$100.00Private Class with Jimmy Barkan…Read More

  8. Boca Raton Hot Yoga Studio Pictures

    Boca Raton Hot Yoga Studio Pictures Boca Raton Hot Yoga Studio - Grand Opening November 11, 2012!!!We Are Now Open!!! Call 561-750-4400 for more information.October 1, 2012August 27, 2012 August 19, 2012 August 13, 2012 July 31, 2012  …Read More

  9. Posture of the Month – Standing Head to Knee

    Posture of the Month - Standing Head to Knee Standing Head to Knee(Dandayamana-Janusirsasasna)

  10. Posture of the Month – Extended Hands to Feet

    Posture of the Month Extended Hands to Feet PoseUTTHITA PADA-HASTASANA In a seated position bend your knees and grab the back of both heels. Lift your feet off the floor and place your forearms behind your calves like PADAHASTASANA. (Hands to feet pose).Keeping your spine straight and your toes pointed slowly extend your legs up toward the ceiling.Pull up on your heels for balance and leverage! St…Read More