1. Barkan Method Voted best Yoga School in South Florida

    The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale's number one newspaper has voted The Barkan Mehtod Hot Yoga as the best Yoga Studio in South Florida! Best Yoga Studio January 20th will be our 35th anniversary!! Join us at our: Ft. Lauderdale Location Prizes, give…Read More

  2. Barkan Method 19th Annual Costa Rica Retreat

    April 21-28 for The 19th Annual Barkan Method Hot Yoga Retreat and Level II/III Teacher Training! The Yoga Retreat is open to everyone the Teacher Training is open to advanced students and 200 hour Yoga certified teachers! Apply Now! Join Jimmy, and …Read More

  3. Yoga Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale

    Jimmy Barkan opened one of the first Yoga Schools in South Florida back in 1983! Back then it was called Yoga College of India and was Bikram Yoga's most successful yoga school outside of Beverly Hills. Barkan soon became Bikram Yoga's most senior t…Read More

  4. Hot Yoga Teacher Training Boca Raton

    Join us for our 4th annual Barkan Method Hot Yoga Boca Raton Teacher Training! Click for details 7 weekends over 6 months!! Apply Now! Teaching yoga teachers is something we can not take for granted. It is a responsibility that can not be taken light…Read More

  5. Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings Boca and Fort Lauderdale

    We will hold two Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings in South Florida in 2018! Boca Raton ... 7 weekends over 6 months at our Boca Raton Studio located across the street from The Town Center Mall: Boca Location Apply Now! Teaching yoga teachers…Read More

  6. Yoga Boca Raton

    At the Barkan Method in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale: Boca Location    Ft. Lauderdale Location Yoga Concepts: Set Your Intention! If you are practicing yoga postures (asanas) on a consistent (3-6 days a week) basis you may have a tendency to g…Read More

  7. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Yoga can so many things to people. If you mention the word Yoga in India people may think one is meditating. If you say you are going to a Yoga class in the west people may assume you are going to a yoga posture or asana class. Meditation is consider…Read More

  8. Yoga Boca Raton

    Jimmy Barkan opened one of the first Yoga studios in the country right here in South Florida. Fort Lauderdale to be specific back in 1983! He has continued to be a leader not just in the South Florida community but all over the world. In 2002 Barkan …Read More

  9. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Posture of the week: Balancing Staff Warrior 3 Tuladandasana – Virabhadrasana 3 Beginners Balance is all about strength. Start by strengthening your standing leg. The standing leg is the foundation for the pose; it must be straight. However, do not…Read More