1. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Jimmy Barkan, owner and founder of the Barkan Method is a world famous Yoga teacher! He started his Yoga career right here in South Florida opening his first yoga school in 1983! He was Bikram Yoga's most senior teacher for over 18 years. Barkan and …Read More

  2. Yoga in Boca Raton

    Yoga has been around South Florida for many years. Jimmy Barkan, the owner and creator of The Barkan Method was on the of the first to bring Yoga into South Florida back in 1983 in Fort Lauderdale! He started out as Bikram Yoga's most senior teacher …Read More

  3. Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings

    Become a 200 or 500 Hour Barkan Method Hot Teacher Training!! We offer Teacher Trainings & Workshops throughout the year all across the world!! Still lots of dates left in 2017 to join me and change your life forever!!! Workshops in 2017: August …Read More

  4. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Yoga has been around for thousands of years. However, it is fairly new to the west. Jimmy Barkan opened one of the very first Yoga Schools in South Florida in 1983 Ft. Lauderdale Location and continues to be a leader in the Yoga community! Barkan wa…Read More

  5. Yoga Boca Raton

    The Barkan Method was created back in 2002 by founder Jimmy Barkan. Barkan was Bikram Yoga's most senior teacher for over 18 years. Jimmy Barkan first opened in Fort Lauderdale back in 1983 as a Bikram Yoga College of India. Barkan and Bikram parted …Read More

  6. Barkan Method Workshops 2017

    The remaining Barkan Method Hot Yoga Workshops for 2017: Join me at a Barkan Method Workshop where we will cover history, philosophy, postures, fun while I kick your butt!!!! In Spirit  Jimmy Barkan August 11th: Voorhees New Jersey 4:30PM The Origi…Read More

  7. Hot Yoga Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale

    What is Hot Yoga and how is it different then Non-Heated Yoga. I tell my students not to think of (Hot) Yoga as an adjective, think of Hot Yoga as a noun! Hot yoga describes a very specific style of Hatha Yoga. This style comes from Calcutta, India w…Read More

  8. Yoga in South Florida

    Join us today at The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Two locations: Boca Location   Ft. Lauderdale Location Boca Schedule    FT. Laud Schedule    Jimmy Barkan, owner/operator was the first to bring Hot Yoga into South Florida back in 1983! He was …Read More

  9. Yoga Fort Lauderdale

    Join us today at one of the first Yoga schools to come to South Florida: Est in 1983! The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. We are located next door to Whole Foods Market and Fort Lauderdale's first Lululemon store! Ft. Lauderdale Location  FT. Laud Sche…Read More