1. Control That Hot Yoga Room!…By Jimmy Barkan

    HI Guys, Managing and controlling the Yoga room can be tricky at times. Where should new students stand? Where should the more experienced students stand? What if students are talking in class? In this week's YouTube video I talk about the best way t…Read More

  2. Hot Yoga Teacher Tips & Tricks…Using The Voice!!

    Hi Guys, Yoga teachers have been asking for more teaching tips lately. In this week's YouTube video I talk about one of the most powerful tools a Yoga teacher has, THE VOICE! YOUTUBE VIDEO When we master vocal techniques communication skills transfor…Read More

  3. Hot Yoga Flow for Tight Shoulders & Neck…The Barkan Method

    Hi Guys, Hope you're having a great week! I've been getting lots of requests for a short Hot Yoga flow for tight shoulders & necks. We have answered the call! In this week's YouTube video, with the help of Heather & Janice, we put together a …Read More