Yoga has uniquely influenced and inspired my life over the last six years by fostering the elevation of my own consciousness while strengthening my sense of Self and my physical body. As in life, balance in our yoga practice is much more about mental focus and awareness of the present moment than it is about physically muscling our way through the pose or the circumstance presented to us. Although my educational background is concentrated in Geology, I consider my Self to be a student of the universe.

I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale and returned in 2003 after living in different regions of the country while in school and travelling the world working on various Geological research projects. I believe that it is vitally important to find joy and beauty in every moment and harness the power of my purpose by propagating positive energy through every interaction with the people around me and with the Earth that sustains my physical being, and I try to bring this philosophy into my yoga practice both as a student and a teacher.

As with everything in this life, my yoga practice is constantly evolving and I make a conscious effort to explore all styles and expressions of yoga to build upon the vast foundation that Jimmy Barkan and his senior teachers have shared with me. I encourage everyone to be conscious of the power of their own presence and harness the awareness of their soul’s purpose as we use the practice of yoga to remove the external distractions that impede our progress in fulfilling our purpose as we journey along our life’s path.