HI Everyone,

Have you ever taken a Hot Yoga class and the teacher says “Lock the Knee”?

This is Bikram Choudhury’s, my teacher’s favorite command!

We do lots of balancing postures in Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Barkan Yoga & Ghosh Yoga. I consider it to be the heart and soul of our style of Hatha Yoga!

In this week’s YouTube video I discuss the danger in hyperextending your knee!

We hold some fo the balancing postures, especially in my class for long periods of time, like Standing Head to Knee for instance. Therefore we must protect and support our knees.

Bikram is also quoted saying, “You can mess with the Gods & Goddesses but never mess with the knees’!!!

Check out this week’s video to find out how to properly position your body for the best and safest results!


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Love & Light,

Jimmy Barkan