We just completed the first of seven weekends at Voorhess Bikram Hot Yoga in New Jersey! It was very nostalgic and at the same time strange to come back to my roots. My roots, are in the 26 posture, 2 breathing exercises that make up what the world knows as Bikram Yoga. A sequence that I taught at my school when it was called Yoga College of India for over 18 years. Back in the late 80’s I was the only one Bikram allowed to certify people to teach the 26/2 flow and in the 90’s Bikram only allowed me to represent Bikram Yoga at international yoga conventions, ie; The Yoga Journal and The Omega Conferences.

When Bikram and I spilt in 2002 I was not allowed, for legal and personal reasons, to teach the 26/2 sequence and went on to create The Barkan Method Hot Yoga flow! Now that times are once again changing there is a demand for people wanting to learn and teach the 26/2 sequence. That’s why I have teamed up with Jessica Gardner a senior Bikram Teacher and ironically Jessica’s first Bikram teacher Mary Ann Nassa. Mary Ann was one of the first teachers I certified back in the 80’s making Jessica my …well….student/granddaughter!

Mercury must have been in retrograde cause I’m coming back full circle!