Hi Everyone!


Just got back from visiting Adelaide, Australia for our 10th Teacher Training of the year! That’s a record for trainings in one year for The Barkan Method. This time I traveled the long way through Doha Hamad, Qatar, which meant two 14-hour flights back to back! It was so worth it to conduct another training down-under at Yoga Fusion, owned by Barkan Grads; Amy Rutten and Simon Mickelmore! Thank you for opening your home to me once again!! Love you guys!! Congratulations to all the graduates and welcome to the Barkan Fam!!

Yoga Concepts for the month:

You may have heard the phrase “Honor your level” in Yoga class. Let’s break down the meaning.

Beginner: Some classes may be overwhelming even intimidating, being thrown into the lions den with students, even teachers who’ve been practicing for years. It’s important to know; there is an exact alignment in each pose for everyone one at every level, that’s the beauty of Yoga. Be Patient!

Honoring the beginner level is starting to understanding your edge, modify, be inspired, but don’t try and keep up with the seasoned students.

Intermediate: Find your starting point in each pose (WITHOUT JUDGEMENT) and simply find the next inch (Or 5 centimeters for everyone outside the US).

Honoring the intermediate level may be challenging yourself more, setting tangible goals and taking your practice to the next level!

Advanced: At every level finding the next inch may be difficult and challenging. The more advanced you are the harder finding the next level can be! The advantage advanced students have is a heightened awareness gained through experience..

Honoring the advanced level (unless you are nursing an injury), is simple, and if you’ve taken my class you’ve heard it a hundred times; “Cowboy up!”

Honoring your level will have a different meaning to everyone. Progress, not perfection, awareness not complacency!