Join Jimmy Barkan and his senior staff for an amazing journey into the world of Hot Yoga and Become a Hot Yoga Teacher!!

We offer 200 hour Level I Certificates as well as 300 Hour Level II/III Certificates throughout the year all over the world!!

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Teaching yoga teachers is something we can not take for granted. It is a responsibility that can not be taken lightly. There are too many teacher trainings programs out today lead by instructors with limited experience. This is what sets The Barkan Method apart. Jimmy has been practicing since 1980, was the only teacher allowed to certify Bikram Yoga Teachers besides Bikram! Jimmy started his own style of Hot Yoga called The Barkan Method back in 2002 and began his very own teacher training program after 22 years of teaching! Barkan has lead over 30 Level I and over 25 Level II/III teacher trainings with well over 1500 graduates who are now teaching all across the world. There are Barkan Method teachers and studios in: Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand, Hungary, Vienna, Switzerland, France, England, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, South America, Costa Rica and of course the United States!

Upcoming Trainings:

Level II/III Oct 8th -14th  2017 on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Level II/III Oct. 29th-Nov. 4th  2017  Commack, NY. Long Island.

Level I Boca Raton 7 weekends over 6 months starting December 2017.

Level I Melbourne, Australia March 5th-24th 2018

Level II/III April 21-29 2018 Costa Rica

Level I Fort Lauderdale June 24 – July 14th 2018

Level II/III Adelaide, Australia Nov 4th-10th 2018