With the Yoga Teacher Training industry being saturated what separates The Barkan Method? The answer is Jimmy Barkan’s 36 year extensive experience. Back in the 1980’s when Jimmy first started teaching Hot Yoga, back then he was teaching Bikram Yoga, Barkan taught every class on the schedule. Jimmy and Bikram did not have a staff back then so they taught every single class. That was four to six classes a day for nearly eighteen years! Now that the industry has changed and there is a demand for many classes on the schedule Jimmy Barkan and Bikram Choudhury changed with the times. Jimmy Barkan started certifying Bikram Hot Yoga Teachers since 1986 and over the last thirty years has certified thousands of Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teachers!! Join us this year in Fort Lauderdale in June. Iceland in August: Solir Yoga ….Hong Kong in September: Pure Yoga Hong Kong & Long Island. N.Y. November & December: Yoga Flex LI