Hi Guys,

How do you do the FULL TORTOISE POSE?

In the Bikram & Barkan Sequence we always practice Half Tortoise Pose. One question I’ve been getting for years is, What’s the Full Tortoise pose? Time to not only answer this question but show you in a Hot Yoga Tutorial!

We recorded this week’s YouTube video at The Barkan Method Hot Yoga Costa Rica Retreat & Teacher Training last month.


We actually cover the entire Tortoise Series. Including; Half Tortoise, Ardha Kurmasana, One-Legged Tortoise, Eka-Pada Kurmasana, Full Tortoise, Poorna Kurmasana & Yogi’s Sleeping Pose, Yoga Nidrasana.

These poses are all in the tradition of Ghosh-Bikram-Barkan Hot Yoga!

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See you in the Rain-Forest!

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