May 14 – 20, 2017

Congratulations on taking the next step in becoming a Hot Yoga Teacher! What sets the Barkan Method apart from other Hot Yoga Trainings is Jimmy’s extensive experience and expertise.  Jimmy Barkan’s Teacher Training was the first to be established in South Florida and is considered the top-rated training in this area and beyond.  In fact, there are hundreds of students and studio owners around the country and world that got their start with The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga.

Jimmy’s experience in teaching, guiding, body alignment and yoga history is what separates & distinguishes The Barkan Method Teacher Trainings from all others.  From this training, you will gain the proper tools, knowledge and hone your communication skills to be the most effective teacher you can be!  With compassion and insight, Jimmy connects with each of his students on a personal level and offers a unique platform to explore your inherent skills and strengths as a teacher.  You’ll be prepared to lead your first Hot Yoga class with confidence and skill!

Come and discover what thousands already know – that The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to be the best teacher you can be!

Bikram Yoga Flatiron

182 5th Avenue (betw. 22nd & 23rd)

New York City, NY

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$1,200 (US Currency) Returning Level II and III graduates participate at half-price; $600.00!

Option #1

Must already be a Bikram or 200 Hr. Certified Yoga Instructor

Earn your certification to teach The Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Flow, if you’re already a 200-hour certified Teacher in the Barkan Method or a similar style of Hot Yoga. Participants must mail in a copy of their 200-hour teacher training certification.

Option #2

For Advanced Students who are not Certified Teachers

Participate in the program as an advanced student and take your practice to the next level practicing Hot Vinyasa. Participants must mail in a letter of recommendation from a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. For advanced practitioners only. Please note: You will not receive a certification to teach The Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Flow in Option #2. Participants in Option #2 will receive a Letter of Completion.

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Hear From Past Trainees

“Jimmy, Thank you for the yoga knowledge, motivation and support. I am proud to know you and will forever be a part of my yoga voice. You are truly inspirational.”

“Jimmy, Thank you so much for sharing and teaching us and motivating us to be great hot yoga teachers! So grateful and excited to spread the knowledge and practice!”

“JimmyJi, Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I’ve enjoyed this experience and feel honored to have learned what I have from you. I appreciate your guidance and hope to make you proud in the yoga community.”

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