MatthewGainesPicMatthew has been practicing Yoga since 1996 and became certified in the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga and Petra Iyengar style in 2004. Since then he incorporates a combination of Barkan, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Iyengar styles into a fusion of spontaneously inspired flows when teaching asana practice.

The essence of Yoga is what has inspired Matthew to teach yoga, which is Union, or relationship with the Self, in the complete sense of what that is as being in peaceful relationship with everyone and everything as Self.

Matthew’s energy is directed at teaching Yoga for the purpose Yoga was created in the first place. Conscious awareness that expands beyond what our physical senses have the capacity to recognize. The realization that when we Love ourselves unconditionally we then realize sanity for what it is, in Loving everyone else unconditionally as our Self. It has the capacity to bring awareness to the truth in everyone’s heart, when the garbage of limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and judgments are removed, and the obvious connection to everything and everyone is revealed and recognized for what it is. The lack of awareness is the only thing that causes all disease, imbalance and disharmony from the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life, to the spiritual connection and relationship we share with everything and everyone.

Matthew became licensed as a massage therapist in 1996, and has been practicing body work since then. He is also a level 3 Reiki practitioner working towards his masters level, and has been incorporating Reiki energy work into the therapeutic sessions and the classes he teaches. Matthew became certified in Advanced NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) in 2003. And he has been training with Native American Medicine Men and Shamans from South America since 2008 through various healing and purification practices and ceremonies. He uses all of his experience to create custom programs for people who want to heal themselves and be coached along the way for their personal and spiritual growth and journey.

Matthew’s passion is in the healing of the soul at the deepest of levels, which is the root of where all imbalances and diseases manifest in the physical, mental, emotional realm, and affects all relationships in life. Yoga and body/energy work are very complimentary to his true path training with Shamans and Medicine Men to be a medicine man in the Native American and Shamanic traditions and ceremonies.

He has been walking the path of the Red Road (the path of love, beauty and the heart) since 2009 when it came to him through a series of events and relationships that the Universe provided him upon his personal request to genuinely heal himself and others. Since then he continues to witness and experience miracles occuring for himself and others in creating peace, happiness and harmony in life.

He says “Love, Peace, happiness and a sense of genuine fulfillment is what everyone is after. And it’s the motivation as to why everyone does what they do. All too often most are mislead by the ideas of society thinking that what they are going after is going to bring them genuine happiness and peace, when all it does is create an attachment and a dependency, causing people to defend what they have worked to attain. The attempt to prove a sense of self worth through accomplishments, money, car, big house, the title or status, a sense of false security in a relationship, etc… Come to find out when most have gotten these things they are honestly not happy inside, and unwilling to admit it. Simply because they never learned to truly love themselves unconditionally first. They never realized that everyone’s worth is already established equally, based on the fact that they simply exist. And because of that they think that getting all these things will make them lovable, or worthy of love. And when they actually come to truly love themselves unconditionally they realize that all those things they once valued were completely valueless and undesirable in light of the purpose and passion that was in their hearts all along, as well as the loving relationships in their life. The things of the heart that are truly valuable, timeless and priceless. That’s healing and that’s what I love more than anything else!”