Posture of the Month

Sun Saluation




Start with feet together, all four corners of the feet rooted to the ground, inner thighs engaged, tailbone (scooped), turned down and hands in prayer position, palms flat at the heart chakra.

Inhale and straighten your arms overhead, interlace fingers and stretch up toward the sky while grounding your feet to the earth.

Exhale, swan dive, fold in ½ forward bend, hang and soften your upper body; shoulders, face and jaw.

Lunge: Extend your right leg to the back of the mat coming onto your toes. Making sure the left knee is directly over the left ankle, keep your hips and shoulders square, come onto your finger tips and roll your shoulders back to open the heart, straighten your right leg lifting the hamstrings to the ceiling, hold for ten seconds and then step left foot back.

PLANK or push-up position; shoulders slightly forward over wrists, hands and feet shoulder width apart, engage lower Bandhas, (Mula and Uddiyana, sphincter and abdominal muscles).

Push down into:


Elbows tucked into the side, Bandhas engaged

Press up, (modify with both knees on floor).

Push down, CHATURANGA, into


Tops of feet on floor,

Inner thighs lifted in and up to the ceiling,

Lower the hips one inch from the floor, shoulders back and down,

Hands directly underneath shoulders parallel with mat,

Shoulders down.

Look forward, chin level. (Modify by lowering hips all the way to the floor in a lifted cobra). Exhale and press back into


Spread fingers and toes.

Set the shoulders; back toward the tailbone, and then out to the side walls

Rotate your elbows in, point index fingers to front mirror

Work to bring your chest and head toward the floor without arching the back

Lower your heals to the floor and stretch the calve muscles

Modify by bending your knees to help straighten your spine.

Abdominals in, quadriceps engaged.

Lift your ribcage and scoop the tailbone.

Lunge right leg up, hold for ten seconds..

Modify by first dropping the left knee on the mat, step the right foot forward, use your right hand to help bring your foot forward and then straighten the left leg into Lunge.

Bring your left leg up

Forward bend, UTTANASANA.

Place your hands to the side of your feet.

Bend your knees as much you need.

Begin to straighten your legs.

Forehead to your shins

Bring the weight forward to the balls of your feet.

Roll up, hands to prayer position at the heart.

Half Moon backward bending.

Swan dive to Forward bend.

Left leg back to Lunge.

Step the right leg back to Plank

CHATURANGA – Upper Dog – Downward Dog.

Step the left leg up Lunge.

Right leg up Forward Bend.

Round up to Standing position.

Hold each step for ten seconds in the first two sets, then 5 seconds in the second sets.