Posture of the Month

Warrior II


warrior ii yoga pose


  • Turn the class to face the right side of the room and have them come to the top of their mat.
  • Start from standing position. Bring your arms overhead, and hands flat in prayer position. Step four to five feet distance to the right and lower your arms down parallel with the floor, palms facing the floor.
  • Scoop your hips forward in a neutral position, arms back, shoulders down and chest out.
  • Turn the right foot 90 degrees and bend your right knee so that the knee comes directly over the right ankle, line up your feet from the side; heel to heel, drop down until the back of your right thigh is parallel to the floor creating a right angle down the back of the calf. Look toward the back wall.
  • If your right knee turns in toward the center grab the right thigh and externally rotate the thigh so the knee lines up over the ankle.
  • Keep the weight on the outside of your left foot and the big toe mound of the right foot; hold the Warrior pose for ten counts.