Hi Everyone,

We had an extraordinary time in Costa Rica last month! Celebrating our 20 year anniversary at Pura Vida Spa! The graduation and final ceremony epitomized what Yoga is all about, union and connection. Amazing individuals coming together in a common cause, in love and support of each other! My wife Corinne, Daughter Amy and Mother-in-Law Nancy were able to join me this year making our anniversary even more special and memorable! Thanks to Jessica and Caprice for being the best staff anyone could hope for, I couldn’t have done it without you!

In Spirit,

Jimmy Barkan

This Month we are celebrating two Yogi’s of the Month:

Alex Nogueira

Thanks to my daily practice at Barkan, I have been able to control my osteoarthritis and pain. Yoga has become a part of my daily routine and has changed my life in so many wonderful ways! I have made lifetime friends and I have become a more relaxed and controlled person.

Barkan Studio has the best location in Ft. Lauderdale and also has state of the art facilities. Jimmy Barkan has curated the best of the best to build his team of teachers that know your name after your first class.

Madeleine Bensch

The Barkan Method has been an integral part of my life for over 10 years! In an age where we are constantly plugged in and semi-disconnected, I can step into the studio and feel that I am part of something – a collective, a like-minded environment where the air is filled with kindness, total acceptance without judgement or egos (and relish in the smell of sweaty bodies, of course)!


The second I place the four corners of my bare feet on my mat I am home. With the first conscious breath I take – the hot humid air fills my lungs and I can feel and the “noise” in my head dissipate like mist.


A big THANK YOU to our teachers. For it is they that take us to unexplored parts of our bodies and minds. Each flowing with their own intentions, beats of their hearts and passions for sharing their knowledge with each and every one of us.


This all would not be possible without Jimmy Barkan himself – for being the first on many fronts and bringing the Barkan Method to us. He created a space where we can transform, grow and detach from the mundane so that we can learn and commit to who we are and to step into a field of possibilities.