1. How to HARNESS & CHANNEL your Hot Yoga PRANA Power 💥

    Hi Guys, In this week's YouTube's video, we explore the concept of Prana, and how we can access it in class, and allow it to awaken our own personal power! ⚡️ YOUTUBE VIDEO Prana 💥 is the life force energy that exists within all of us, and …Read More

  2. Why & How we do Kapalbhati Pranayama ..By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, Ever wonder why we do Kapalbhati Breathing at the end of a Hot Yoga class? In this week's YouTube video I explain not only how to do Kapalbhati Blowing but why we do this magical and ancient Pranayam technique. YOUTUBE VIDEO A tradition prac…Read More

  3. What is Significantly Wrong with Yoga Today?…By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Everyone, What is significantly wrong with Yoga today? In this week's YouTube video I explain, from my perspective, a serious and contagious belief that goes against the core values of this sacred ancient science. YOUTUBE VIDEO Sound like a contro…Read More

  4. How To Do Pigeon Pose | A Hot Yoga Tutorial…By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Everyone, In this week's YouTube video we go over one of my favorite hip opening postures, One-Legged Pigeon Pose & One-Legged Royal (Full Pigeon) Pose. With the help of Barkan teacher Katt Watts we review in detail, from beginning to advanced…Read More

  5. 5 Minute Hot Yoga Flow | For Hip Openers…By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, In the spirit of giving during this Holiday season I've added an extra YouTube this week. YOUTUBE VIDEO Katt, a newly certified 500-Hour Barkan Hot Yoga Teacher, and I will guide you through 5 minutes of Hot Yoga Hip Opening Floor Postures w…Read More