1. Why & How we do Kapalbhati Pranayama ..By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, Ever wonder why we do Kapalbhati Breathing at the end of a Hot Yoga class? In this week's YouTube video I explain not only how to do Kapalbhati Blowing but why we do this magical and ancient Pranayam technique. YOUTUBE VIDEO A tradition prac…Read More

  2. 5 Minute Hot Yoga Flow | For Hip Openers…By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, In the spirit of giving during this Holiday season I've added an extra YouTube this week. YOUTUBE VIDEO Katt, a newly certified 500-Hour Barkan Hot Yoga Teacher, and I will guide you through 5 minutes of Hot Yoga Hip Opening Floor Postures w…Read More

  3. Hot Yoga Leg Stretching Advanced Series…BY Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, We just finished our 22nd annual Costa Rica Barkan Method Hot Yoga Retreat & Teacher Training last month! What an amazing group of Yogi's coming from all over; Iceland, Costa Rica,  Switzerland, California, Texas, Virginia, Oregon and S…Read More

  4. 15 Minute Hot Yoga MORNING Power Flow…BY Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great weekend! In this week's YouTube video we put together a 15 Minute MORNING Hot Yoga Power Flow! Perfect for when you're short on time but ready to get a little hot and sweaty! YOUTUBE VIDEO In the Hot Yoga style of Bi…Read More

  5. 20 Minute Bikram Yoga Flow

    Hi Guys, Don't have time to go to class? Here's a 20 minute Bikram Yoga Class! In this week's YouTube video we'll  be following the exact Bikram sequence with a few exceptions. YOUTUBE VIDEO In order to get it down to 20 minutes I cut out a few sta…Read More