1. 20 Minute Hot Vinyasa Flow….By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, As many of you know in 2003 I developed The Barkan Method Hot Flow Class consisting of 5 Vinyasas! Staying true to our lineage; Bishnu Ghosh Yoga, Bikram Yoga I also included postures from other styles of Hatha Yoga; Upward Dog, Downward Dog…Read More

  2. Can I do Yoga if I’m Injured? The Healing Mode!!!!

    Hi Everyone, I've been getting this phone call for 40 years: "Jimmy I hurt my back so I can't do Yoga for a couple of weeks!" In this week's YouTube episode I talk about the extraordinary healing power the Yoga postures possess! YOUTUBE VIDEO` Bishnu…Read More

  3. The Diamond Series | A Hot Yoga Tutorial ..By Jimmy Barkan

    HI Everyone, Knowledge is key....Understanding the intricate details for each pose! The Diamond Series is a 4 posture flow practiced in the Hot Yoga, Ghosh Yoga  Barkan Yoga & The Bikram Yoga World! Reclining Diamond (Fixed Firm), Half Tortoise,…Read More


    Hi Everyone, Have you ever tried doing Yoga right before bed? Are you tired of waking up tired and stiff? YOUTUBE VIDEO I designed this 8 minute flow to calm the nervous system, help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed! Great for all levels!…Read More

  5. 10 Minute Hot Yoga Flow | For Tight Hips…By Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Everyone Here is another 10 minute Hip Opening Hot Yoga Flow in the tradition of Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram Yoga and The Barkan Method! YOUTUBE VIDEO This is Part 2 to 15 Minute Hip opening video we did a few weeks ago! Like the shoulders and neck we ca…Read More


    3 PARTS OF THE YOGA ASANA! THE MECHANICS!! Bishnu Ghosh, the founder of Hot Yoga, Bikram's Guru, dedicated his life helping people heal through the practice of Yoga Postures!! In this week's YouTube video I go over in detail, 3 very important parts o…Read More

  7. 15 Minute MORNING Hot Yoga Flow | Barkan Method!!

    Good Morning Hot Yogi's!For this week's YouTube video I designed a 15 Minute MORNING Hot Yoga routine to wake you up and get you moving for the day! YOUTUBE VIDEO Sometime we don't have time to do a full class, this is a perfect flow for the morning,…Read More