Hi Everyone, We just posted our 1st Live YouTube Channel yesterday 1-29-21 The Topic: HOW HOT YOGA WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! Check out the Video here !! LIVE YOUTUBE LINK Let me know what types of Videos you'd like to see?? Tutorials on Postures Medi…Read More

  2. Prayer for all Yoga Schools

    Saying a prayer tonight for all the Yoga Schools across the world dedicated to serving their communities and committed to helping and healing people through the power of Yoga!! And asking God to help us continue our efforts!…Read More

  3. Yogi of The Month…Wendy Castorena

    Please help us celebrate our Yogini of the month! After moving to Fort Lauderdale a year ago, I was looking for a yoga studio - searching for an outlet to destress, calm my mind, and continue my practice. My first class at The Barkan Method Studio wa…Read More

  4. Bishnu Ghosh the founder of Hot or Ghosh Yoga!

    July 9th,1970 Bishnu Ghosh, the founder of Hot Yoga, also known as Ghosh Yoga passed from this world! He was perhaps one of the first cross-trainers! His philosophy was to combine Hatha Yoga with modern day athletics. Besides being an expert at Hatha…Read More

  5. Ft. Lauderdale Level II/III Teacher Training Completed!!

    We just finished our 15th annual Level II/III Hot Yoga Teacher Training on Fort Lauderdale Beach!! It was an extraordinary experience with amazing Yogis from all over the world!! We started our day doing Sun Salutations and meditating right here...!!…Read More

  6. Jimmy Barkan …The Standing Bow Whisperer.

    The Standing Bow or (DANDAYAMANA-DHANURASANA) This Pose is famous in the Hot Yoga world. It is one of the most recognized postures in the Bikram and Barkan series. However, in Barkan we have a different philosophy then Bikram. In Bikram Yoga they wa…Read More

  7. Hot Yoga Workshops

    Hot Yoga Ahwatukee Phoenix, Arizona: February 7-9, 2013 Instructor: Sandra Lassiter - Studio Owner Address: 4025 E Chandler Blvd, Suite 22 Phoenix, AZ 85048 Phone: 480-786-8124 Website: http://www.HotYogaAhwatukee.com/ Hot Yoga Retreat & Level II…Read More

  8. Yoga in South Florida

    Join us today at The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Two locations: Boca Location   Ft. Lauderdale Location Boca Schedule    FT. Laud Schedule    Jimmy Barkan, owner/operator was the first to bring Hot Yoga into South Florida back in 1983! He was …Read More

  9. Yoga Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale

    Jimmy Barkan opened one of the first Yoga Schools in South Florida back in 1983! Back then it was called Yoga College of India and was Bikram Yoga's most successful yoga school outside of Beverly Hills. Barkan soon became Bikram Yoga's most senior t…Read More