1. The Awkward Pose!! Hot Yoga Tutorial by Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Everyone, The Awkward Pose, some have nicknamed Chair Pose, can be challenging especially if you're not doing it right!! When we understand exact alignment not only can we achieve more success in the posture but sometimes avoid injuring ourselves.…Read More

  2. Hot Yoga & The Miami Dolphins!..Jimmy Barkan

    Hi Guys, I had the privilege and the honor to teach pretty much every professional sports team in South Florida over the years; The Miami Dolphins, The Miami Marlins, The Miami Heat & The Florida Panthers. Including Dan Marino, one of the greate…Read More

  3. 18 Minute Hot Yoga Flow!….The Barkan Method

    Hi Guys, You just woke up, it's a brand new day, you don't have enough time to come to class so roll out your mat at home and Let's Go!! 👍👍 I keep getting requests for more morning Yoga flows! This routine is perfect for beginners or if you jus…Read More

  4. THE COBRA SERIES…BY Jimmy Barkan

    HI Guys, COBRA-LOCUST-FULL LOCUST-BOW POSE ...Hot Yoga Poses make up what we've nicknamed THE COBRA SERIES! This is an amazing Yoga sequence  designed to help strengthen your spine from the top to bottom! We just completed a Level I Barkan Yoga Le…Read More

  5. How To Do Spine Twist Pose (Hot Yoga Tutorial).

    Hi Everyone, How To Do Spine Twist Pose (Hot Yoga Tutorial). YOUTUBE VIDEO In this week's YouTube video we go over beginning through advanced tips to help you with this extremely important Hot Yoga Pose. In Barkan Yoga, Bikram Yoga & Hot Yoga we …Read More

  6. Hot Yoga in Costa Rica (Hot Yoga Tutorial)

    Hot Yoga in Costa Rica (Hot Yoga Tutorial)! BRIDGE & WHEEL POSE (SETU BANDHA & CHAKRASANA) This week's YouTube video is the first in a three part series in Costa Rica! We wanted to take advantage of our time in their beautiful country! In thi…Read More

  7. How to do Tree Pose & Toe Stand, a Hot Yoga Tutorial!

    How to do Tree Pose & Toe Stand, a Hot Yoga Tutorial! By Jimmy Barkan Vrksasana & Padangustasana in Sanskrit!  The two featured postures in this week's YouTube video! YOUTUBE VIDEO In Barkan Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Ghosh Yoga & Hot Yoga Tree…Read More