1. How To Do Spine Twist Pose (Hot Yoga Tutorial).

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  2. Hot Yoga in Costa Rica (Hot Yoga Tutorial) Part 3

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  3. Hot Yoga in Costa Rica (Hot Yoga Tutorial)

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  4. Standing Head to Knee Pose. A Hot Yoga Tutorial!

    What I consider the most iconic pose from our lineage in Calcutta, because of the Rabbit Spine! YOUTUBE VIDEO That's the topic for this week's YouTube video! We explore the pose from beginning to advanced, step by step to give you all the tools you n…Read More


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  6. 7 Chakras 7 Poses by Jimmy Barkan

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  7. Yoga Meditation Guide

    Hot Yoga Meditation Guide for Beginners & Advanced! In this video I will talk about important and necessary steps to help guide you on your Yogic Journey or (Sadhana)! Not only is Meditation Yoga but it’s the highest form and technique in Yoga …Read More


    SUN SALUTATIONS SURYA NAMASKAR For whatever reason Bikram left it out of his original beginners 26 posture class. Although he starts his advanced class with Surya Namaskar. I believe it’s the best way to start the class and open the body for any le…Read More