1. The Latest Yoga Buzz

    The Latest Yoga Buzz Yoga on Huffington Post David Magone: 5 Strength-Building Exercises For A Better Yoga Practice If yoga-based cross-training can help athletes achieve physical balance, then does the same hold true for a yoga practitioner? Can sup…Read More

  2. Wendy Langstroth Bio

    Originally a certified school teacher, Wendy has brought her love of teaching to yoga. Having attended Jimmy Barkan’s classes since 2001,she became certified in both The Barkan Method Hot Yoga in 2004 and Hot Vinyasa Level II & III in 2006. Be…Read More

  3. 3 Pillars: Mind, Body, Spirit

    3 Pillars of Health: Mind, Body, Spirit Written by Corinne Thursday, October 04 2012 00:00 Article Index 3 Pillars of Health: Mind, Body, Spirit Page 2 All Pages Page 1 of 2 Dear Yogis, Do you spend most of your time living outside of your body and p…Read More

  4. Christine Lewis Bio

    Yoga has uniquely influenced and inspired my life over the last six years by fostering the elevation of my own consciousness while strengthening my sense of Self and my physical body. As in life, balance in our yoga practice is much more about mental…Read More

  5. Hot Yoga Workshops

    Hot Yoga Ahwatukee Phoenix, Arizona: February 7-9, 2013 Instructor: Sandra Lassiter - Studio Owner Address: 4025 E Chandler Blvd, Suite 22 Phoenix, AZ 85048 Phone: 480-786-8124 Website: http://www.HotYogaAhwatukee.com/ Hot Yoga Retreat & Level II…Read More

  6. Robert Mann Bio

    Rob began to believe in the idea of one, one universal consciousness, one world in High School that philosophy eventually led him to the idea of balance and finding balance in your life. When he discovered asana and Pantanjali’s Eight Limb path aft…Read More

  7. Boca Raton Hot Yoga Studio Schedule

    Boca Raton Hot Yoga Studio Schedule We Are Now Open!!! Call 561-750-4400 for more information. Click Here To Sign-Up For Classes Online! Time/Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 6:30AM Power Yoga Power Yoga 8:00AM Hot Yoga Ho…Read More

  8. Donna Deangelis Bio

    Donna has been studying and practicing the Barkan Method of hot yoga intensively since 2004 and has found her efforts to be a truly life transforming experience, one that carries forward for her to this day.  She has found her personal transition fr…Read More

  9. Boca Raton Studio Rates

    Boca Raton Studio Rates Boca Raton Studio Rates We Are Now Open!!! Call 561-750-4400 for more information or click here to purchase online. Single Session $20 10 Sessions (Valid for 1 month) $160.00 30 Sessions (Valid for 3 months) $420.00 75 Session…Read More