1. Become a Hot Yoga Teacher this summer!

    The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga will hold a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance recognized Level I Yoga Teacher Training June 24th-July 14th 2018! Apply Now! We'll start each day welcoming the sunrise with 10 minutes of Sun-Salutations and a silent meditation right…Read More

  2. Try the best hot yoga classes in Boca Raton!

    Try the best hot yoga classes in Boca Raton! You will experience a mind and body transformation. If you have had a hard stressful day come and experience hot yoga with us.¬† Your worries will melt away ¬†leaving you with solitude and peace.…Read More

  3. Detox With Hot Yoga in Boca Raton

    There are so many amazing benefits of practicing hot yoga. The heat allows your body to be more flexible and all of that sweat helps your body to expel unwanted toxins. The great part about Yoga is that everyone who practices it has a very personal e…Read More

  4. The Best Yoga Studio in Boca Raton

    We are almost done with January, and it is about the time that many of our New Years resolutions are almost forgotten. Don't be one of the those people who give up on their goals this year, you need to come to the best yoga studio in Boca Raton. In o…Read More

  5. Transform Yourself With Hot Yoga in Boca Raton

    Yoga is truly an amazing thing. Yoga is one of the best ways to transform your body, spirit, and mind, in one incredible workout. While yoga may be more difficult than it looks, beginners often find that they catch on quickly and they start to feel g…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Hot Yoga in Boca Raton

    Hot yoga has taken the world by storm! It used to be that only experienced yogis ventured into those heated rooms, but now practitioners of all stages have taken the leap. While all yoga can be beneficial for your mind, body and spirit, there are man…Read More