HOW TO DO STANDING BOW POSE!....By Jimmy Barkan Hot Yoga Tutorials. New school vs Old school. Or Bikram vs Barkan. From beginners to advanced we detail every step to help you improve in arguably the most graceful posture from our Lineage in Calcutta!…Read More

  2. 7 Chakras 7 Poses by Jimmy Barkan

    7 Chakras 7 Poses (Balancing spine Chakras in Hot Yoga! That’s the title of this weeks YouTube video! I’ve chosen one posture to balance each level of the 7 Chakras! Chakra simply means Wheel, cerebrospinal centers we aspire to open and balance i…Read More

  3. How to Do Warrior 2 & Triangle Pose by Jimmy Barkan

    HI Everyone: How to do Warrior 2 & Triangle Pose: Hot Yoga Tutorial. Warrior 2 & Triangle Pose are two important postures in Yoga! There's a shift of circulation and energy that is extremely beneficial and therapeutic for the body! This is th…Read More

  4. Yoga Meditation Guide

    Hot Yoga Meditation Guide for Beginners & Advanced! In this video I will talk about important and necessary steps to help guide you on your Yogic Journey or (Sadhana)! Not only is Meditation Yoga but it’s the highest form and technique in Yoga …Read More


    Hi Everyone, We just posted our 1st Live YouTube Channel yesterday 1-29-21 The Topic: HOW HOT YOGA WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! Check out the Video here !! LIVE YOUTUBE LINK Let me know what types of Videos you'd like to see?? Tutorials on Postures Medi…Read More

  6. The Hot Yoga On-Demand Channel is Here!!

    Hi Everyone, I am soooo happy to finally announce The Barkan Method Hot Yoga On-Demand Channel is available!  We have The Barkan Method Hot Yoga & Hot Vinyasa classes, Meditation Techniques and Meditation Classes, Tutorials, Sanskrit Lessons and…Read More

  7. Half Moon Pose By Jimmy Barkan (Hot Yoga Master)

    This is what we call “Half Moon” or “Ardha Chandrasana”. Other styles of Yoga have a completely different Pose with the same name! We used to call this “Pars Ardha Chandrasana” or “ Side Half Moon” when we go over to the side. Buddha …Read More


    Hello Everyone, I am proud to announce that our Barkan Method Hot Yoga On-Demand Video Channel will be launching very very soon! We placed an HD camera smack in the middle of our Fort Lauderdale Yoga Studio and started recording: Hot Yoga Classes Hot…Read More

  9. Balancing Staff Pose

    Tuladandasana or Balancing Staff Pose! The Danda translates to the Staff which represents the spine or the Tree of Life! When the disciple is initiated by the Guru he’s given the Danda to symbolize his new Yogic Journey or Sadhana in Sanskrit. ૐ …Read More