1. Barkan Method Yoga Posture of the Week

    Barkan Method Yoga Posture of the Week: Side Half Moon (Pars Ardha Chandrasana) Not all style of Hatha Yoga name the poses the same BTW!! Bring your arms overhead, palms together, interlace fingers, release the index finger and straighten the arms by…Read More

  2. Boca Raton Hot Yoga Studio Location

    Boca Raton Hot Yoga Studio We Are Now Open!!! Click Here To Sign-Up For Classes Online! No Frames Located at: 2240 NW 19th St. Boca Raton 33431 Suite #604 - Commons at Town Center Plaza 561-750-4400 Conveniently located at the crossroads of Boca Rato…Read More

  3. Yoga Teacher Training South Florida

    Join us this summer and become a Hot Yoga Teacher! Join the Barkan Method Family of Yoga teachers spanning the entire world! June 25th-July 15th 2017:   Click for details    Apply Now! We start each day with 30 mins of Sun-Salutations and a sile…Read More

  4. Yoga Boca Raton

    The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga has been around since 1983! First opened it's doors as a Yoga College of India one of the first Bikram Yoga Schools in the world! Jimmy Barkan was Bikram Yoga's most senior teacher for over 18 years! Boca Location   B…Read More