Hi Everyone,



I notice students, even advanced practitioners can sometimes get complacent especially if one is practicing consistently. A great way refresh the practice is noticing subtle changes that occur on a daily basis. After at least six months one should begin to understand how the body is responding or reacting to various poses. In Hot Yoga for example, what side of Standing Head to Knee, (DANDAYAMANA JANUSHIRASANA) or Standing Bow, (DANAYAMANA -DHANURASANA) is challenged, what side more developed? Instead of thinking the right side is better in Standing Head to Knee start to figure out why anatomically. If the right leg straightens out further it because the right side hamstring is more flexible. If that’s the case then the opposite side in the Standing Bow will be more flexible. (There are always exceptions). Because the standing leg in Standing Bow represents forty percent of the equation for success.

I also notice one tends to pay more attention to the more developed side, we exploit that side, hold it a little longer cause it feels better, looks better and strokes the ego.

Suggestion: Get your ego out of the way and hold the challenged side longer! If we continue to hold the more developed side longer our imbalance we actually increase. This way we can allow the challenge side a chance to catch up. Body Builders know this, if they look in the mirror and see their quadriceps, in proportion, are larger than the calve muscles they will build up the calves that day creating symmetry. Yoga is all about symmetry!!!

Allow awareness to be a major part of the practice, take inventory of the body and bring balance to the practice and to your life!!