Dearest Jimmy,

I can go into the depth of my gratitude from discovering your method, finding my center, and training with you and all the recent practicing until today but no words can communicate the deep inner transformation of my physical, psychic and spiritual experience having you there as a guide to find myself and my personal path. 

These past weeks since you went online virtually in your studio have been remarkable for me. Every time I have been worn down and away from my mat because of an injury or a too busy NYC life you showed up just when I needed to hear your voice, your spirit, your unconditional love, and got back on my mat found my practice again and my way back to my center. This time is more profound and needed more than ever. I’m a school art teacher teaching virtually from home so I can’t make it every morning but as you have likely noticed I’m with you a lot and the difference your classes are making in my now 62-year-old rough around the edges body – finding my way back to my yogini within is profound. Practicing with you from your studio virtually is better than any NYC studio. I am also meditating in a new way from your Tuesday meditation class and your Nidra at the end of class. It is my privilege and honor to have you as my teacher, always, and I hope this pandemic accident of teaching online never stops and that the new normal includes a way for those of us who can usually only connect to you through cyberspace can stay part of the daily Barkan studio family. I’m so happy to keep a monthly unlimited account active and I’ve been spreading the word, hoping others do as well. 

With infinite gratitude. 




Thank you Adina for your kind words!!! ….Jimmy