I’ve had the privilege of watching people practice Hot Yoga over the last thirty-six years at my Studio in Fort Lauderdale, 6 years now in Boca Raton. The average person practices around three times a week. Here’s the problem with three times a week or less: You’re always playing catch up.

My recommendation is at least four times a week, five is even better, six is ideal. I do not recommend seven times a week, I believe the body needs one day off a week to rest and recover. This is why we offer the five day a week challenge! Complete forty classes in sixty days and transform your life. I will often see people coming off a three time a week routine, complete the five day a week challenge and improve more in sixty days than the previous two years!

You build momentum in your weekly practice. When I practice Monday-Friday my best day, which is a combination of improved flexibility AND strength was Friday. Monday was always the toughest, getting rid of the cobwebs. So if you are practicing every other day you are always in catch-up mode.

Remember: Five days a week will transform your life!!! In Spirit  Jimmy Barkan