HI Guys,

COBRA-LOCUST-FULL LOCUST-BOW POSE …Hot Yoga Poses make up what we’ve nicknamed THE COBRA SERIES!

This is an amazing Yoga sequence  designed to help strengthen your spine from the top to bottom!

We just completed a Level I Barkan Yoga Level I Teacher Training in Fort Lauderdale! Congratulations to all the graduates!!!

During our trainings we clinic every pose in the Barkan Method sequence. When it was time to clinic the Cobra series we thought is would be a fun to record a YouTube video giving you a sneak peek into the training format!


This is part one of a two part series. Next week we will cover the DIAMOND SERIES: Reclining Diamond, Half Tortoise, Camel & Rabbit Pose so stay tuned!!!

If you have any questions or struggles with these postures please comment when you get to YouTube!

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Love & Light

Jimmy Barkan