It is time to make our new years resolutions! There are many of us that will resolve to be healthier and lose weight. If you want great results for your entire body, your spiritual self, and your mental self, then the Barkan Method of yoga may be a wonderful method to help you reach your new years resolution.

The Barkan Method is a wonderful style of yoga that integrates postures from many different styles including Hatha Yoga. We practice this method in a heated room because it gives your body a chance to stretch a lot farther. This type of yoga is amazing for your body, as well as your spiritual and mental self. For your body yoga can work internally to improve your kidneys, liver, heart, and more. Externally yoga can make your entire body a lot stronger, help you to lose weight, and to develop long, lean muscles. Mentally, yoga can help make you a lot happier because it can helps fight off stress, anxiety, depression, and more. While your body and mind are relaxed, it allows your spirit to open up and transform.

This year you can reach your fitness goals AND enrich your mental and spiritual self. Try the Barkan Method and experience for yourself why so many people choose yoga again and again. Come to one of our classes in Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton today.