Hatha Yoga was created only nine hundred-one thousand years ago. Not that long considering Yoga has been around for six thousand years!! Goraksha and Matsyendra are the founders of this physical practice. But not physical in the sense to make the body strong and flexible but rather to use the body as a vehicle to awaken the spiritual energy that lies dormant inside most of us. To awaken the Kundalini Shaki energy through Asana and Pranayama is the main intention behind this extraordinary practice.

Postural Yoga, especially the more intense styles such as Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Barkan are very popular because it’s much easier to measure results in poses then to feel advancement in meditation. But there is so much more to the practice then just straightening your leg in the Standing Bow.

Because, and I know from personal experience, it won’t last…..There is no way you’re going to practice at the same level when you’re ninety years old! But your spiritual growth will only increase! I would not trade what I know for what I could do thirty years ago!! (Nice to have both). Nature, (Prakriti in Sanskrit)¬† has boundaries, limitations where¬† Spirit, (Purusha), has none!

Next time you’re on the mat, feel the energy awakening and moving inside you. Especially rising up and down the spine ( The Sushumna). This will heighten awareness and keep us healthy physically, mentally and spiritually!