Join us at our state of the art Hot Yoga studio/school at two prime locations in South Florida; Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Jimmy Barkan, formally Bikram Yoga’s most senior teacher for over 18 years opened his first South Florida yoga school in 1983. He was one of the very first successful Yogi’s not only in Fort Lauderdale but all across the country! in 2002 Barkan and Bikram split and Jimmy re-named his studio and style of Yoga The Barkan Method.

The Barkan Method offers several types of classes:


Hot Yoga: The yoga room is heated to (100 degrees) to allow for a deeper release and to avoid injury. The Hot Yoga class is recommended for everyone, from first day beginners to advanced students. The magic of this class is that everyone is practicing the same posture at different levels of ability and there is an exact position for everyone at every level, which our trained instructors will help you find.



Hot Vinyasa: The yoga room is heated to (95 degrees). Jimmy has incorporated asanas from our lineage into a “Vinyasa” (continuous flow). This vigorous class combines upper body strength, flexibility, balance and cardio. Modifications are encouraged for beginners. Graduates of the Barkan Method Level I are certified to teach this class in the Barkan Method Level II/III trainings offered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Costa Rica.



Yoga to Sacred Music: The lights are off, the candles are lit, and the music is playing. The scene is set for an inner journey and exploration into the magic of yoga. This class allows students to focus more on the mental and spiritual aspects, (Raja Yoga), of the practice, while still receiving the physical, (Hatha), benefits.