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Jimmy Barkan, owner/operator was the first to bring Hot Yoga into South Florida back in 1983! He was Bikram Yoga’s most senior teacher for over 18 years! Barkan and Bikram spilt in 2002 and Jimmy went on to create his own style and flow called The Barkan Method!

Postures practiced in The Barkan Method maintain a basic format offering structure and continuity. However, various sections of the class change from day to day according to the area of the body the teacher chooses to target. For example, one day during the floor section of the class we may feature backbends, another day hip openers, and another day leg stretches. Barkan has found effective tools for balancing the body and creating a greater range of motion can come from incorporating postures from other lineages of Yoga. Barkan encourages his instructors to teach from their hearts, finding their authentic self when giving directions to students in class.