Yoga means Yoke

Six thousand years ago the Shamans were the first to intuit the subject of Yoga . They choose the word Yoga or Yoke because it best described the solution to a problem.
The Problem: people were suffering from the illusion they were separate beings. Separate from each other, separate from The Universe and mostly, separate from God. The spiritual aspects of Yoga or Yoke connects us to The Universe and shatters this illusion!
Many times I hear people on a spiritual journey say they can’t connect with their loved ones. significant other or spouse because they don’t share their spiritual beliefs. It’s not┬ánecessary┬áto impose your beliefs on others especially loved ones. This can cause distress, especially in a marriage. Yogananda says; “we can measure our spiritual growth by how much peace of mind we experience”. My suggestion as you ascend on your spiritual path, (in Yoga we call this our Sadhana), instead of using your spiritual path to distance yourself from your loved ones, use it to embrace them with your fullest expression!