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Paramahansa Yogananda & Hot Yoga????

How do they go together??

Hot Yoga can sometimes have a not-so-great reputation in the non-hot Yoga world.

They don’t like the heat, not crazy about our back bends and now with the recent Netflix documentary on Bikram. 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

It seems like every style of Yoga has had some kind of scandal these days!

But rarely do you hear anything negative about Paramahansa Yogananda??

In this week’s YouTube video I explain how Paramahansa Yogananda’s lineage: Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, teaching a Meditation technique called Kriya Yoga directly connect to the Hot (Hatha) Yoga lineage: Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram Yoga & The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga!


I have been practicing both Hot Yoga & Kriya Yoga for 40 years so I believe my insights & expertise can help shed some light!

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