The Barkan Method considers Paramahansa Yogananda as the Modern Day Guru of our Lineage from Calcutta, India. He was the older brother and Guru of Bishnu Ghosh. Bishnu is one responsible for creating what the world knows as Hot Yoga. Yogananda however, was more of an advocate of Meditation. More specifically Kriya Yoga, what Yogananda refers to as the highest form or technique of Yoga. Many people find it much easier to practice the Yoga Postures because the results are tangible and more easily measured.

I found this very cool video on Youtube. The Video lasts ten minutes and it’s a loop of Yogananda’s voice chanting Om accompanied by background music. I found it very helpful in finding a calm meditative state! You might wanna put on headphones and turn it up!! Enjoy!!

Yogananda Video