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experience physical, mental and spiritual harmony

the barkan method of hot yoga

Welcome To The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga Global Community! In January 2018, The Barkan Method celebrating 40 years of business, transforming hot yoga in South Florida and all across the world. The Barkan Method is rooted in a lineage from Calcutta, India, and has evolved its approach to helping people heal physically, mentally and spiritually. We invite you to explore our teacher training programs and sign up for a class today. See you on the mat!


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Barkan Method Yoga Classes Are Practiced In A Heated Room To Stretch And Strengthen Various Areas Of The Body

Practicing the Barkan Method of hot yoga in a heated room assists muscles, tendons and ligaments in becoming more flexible and resilient, thus restoring the body to optimal health while internally eliminating toxins and poisons. Discover a greater range of motion and balance in your life.

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